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The Best Care Possible

Grey Cat

Our Services

The Best Care Possible

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Emergency Care Services

Emergency Veterinarian

During regular office hours, PETSMART's Animal Haven Veterinary Hospital is prepared to handle any emergency on a priority or walk-in basis.

For after-hours emergencies, please contact our HOTLINE numbers or click the 24/7 HOTLINE button (mobile data charges will apply) located below:

Smart 09393873766

Globe 09770486529

Basset Hound Check-Up

General Wellness

The First Line of Defense

As caring owners, you want the very best for your pet. By seeking to prevent problems before they arise, you’re ensuring your pet's extended health and happiness.



  • PARASITE CONTROL (Fleas, ticks, and heartworms)



  • Others

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Grooming Services

Importance of Pet Grooming

Scheduling your pet in for regular grooming is important because it helps to keep them healthy and comfortable. Depending on the breed, age and health of your pet, grooming may even need to be a part of you and your pet’s daily routine. Some breeds don’t shed their hair effectively (eg. Poodles) and require grooming by a professional every 6-8 weeks. Long-haired cats can particularly benefit from regular grooming as it helps to prevent the formation of knots on the skin and hairballs in the stomach.

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Maternity Care

Dog and Cat Pregnancy

At PETSMART's Animal Haven Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarian team understands the commitment involved in helping facilitate a dog and cat pregnancy for your beloved canine and feline companion.

Our services include:​​

  • Caesarean Sections

  • Ultrasonography for Pregnancy Diagnosis or evaluation of the reproductive organs (in cases of infertility)

  • High-Risk Pregnancies


Our services also include management of:

  • Uterine, Vaginal and Mammary Diseases

  • Treatment for Pyometra


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Veterinary Diagnostic Services

Preventative Care

At PETSMART'S ANIMAL HAVEN VETERINARY HOSPITAL, we are fully committed to your pet’s health and happiness. That’s why we recommend bringing them in for regular Veterinary Diagnostic Labs. By doing so, we’ll be able to treat issues before they arise.





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Pet Companion Animals Surgery and Procedures

Our facilities, widely experienced veterinarians, and technicians will make sure your pet is cared for before, during, and after surgery. 

  • Spay and Neuter

  • Skin lacerations or abscess

  • Intestinal obstruction from a foreign body

  • Internal bleeding

  • Malignant skin tumors

  • Bladder stones/urethral blockages

  • Spleen cancer

  • Benign growths of the skin

  • Others

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Scheduled Visits to the Veterinary

Even when your pet is healthy, scheduled visits to the vet are an important part of keeping them in the best possible condition. Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can contribute to your animal’s optimal health.