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Animal Haven Veterinary Hospital

The Pet Professionals

PETSMART'S Animal Haven Veterinary Hospital is a standard veterinary hospital located in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. We offer standardized medical services such as wellness, health, and medical check-ups/examinations, diagnosis, treatment, and surgery to pets (cats and dogs) and other such pets and small animals. We also offer consultancy and advisory services to our clients as regards their pets.


We source for and hire competent and experienced employees that understand the industry, love pets, and are fully committed professionals in an empathetic, warm and friendly environment. We also see to it that they regularly attend training seminars to upgrade and enhance their skills in their field of expertise.




At PETSMART'S Animal Haven, we offer a holistic approach to animal wellness that focuses on preventative medicine. By adhering to this philosophy, pet owners can rest assured their beloved companion is in the best possible hands. 

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